inner tube bag (medium)

Our original hand-stitched tote bag made from discarded bicycle inner tubes. We've fashioned it with magnetic closures and a small internal pocket made from upcycled umbrella fabric. Our bag is hard-wearing, large enough to carry an A4 sized notebook and grows more shiny with use. It's your perfect ethical substitute to leather.

£75 - currently available in black, red or green

inner tube bag (small)

A smaller, sleeker version of our original inner tube bag with an internal umbrella fabric pocket. This handbag has a single strap that fits nicely over the shoulder and can be snapped shut with magnetic clasps. It is large enough to hold an A5 size notebook sideways and can fit most other essentials you want to carry with you during the day or on a night out.

£55 - currently available in black, red or green

squeeze pouches

Versatile yet simple. Our unique squeeze pouch is more than just a coin purse. Carry awkward things like your charging cables, headphones, or even your secret stash of sweets! They'll always be easy to find. Gently squeeze the hinged sides to spring the pouch open. The soft rubber pyramid shape conforms to whatever's inside, including a UK plug. Comes in 2 sizes, small and large, and a choice of red, green or blue stitching.

£22 - small squeeze pouch

£25 - large squeeze pouch

What is BeenBin?

BeenBin's journey is just starting. We are built on a commitment to using discarded and found materials where possible in all of our creations. With fewer punctured bicycle inner tubes and broken umbrellas going into landfill, we believe that our future can be improved by using what has already been thrown away.

However, reusing materials does not mean making dull and boring products. We strive to create attractive and useful designs that are an alternative to the norm. Our rubber bags and pouches are just the beginning, we have more planned so keep an eye out.

We are also able to make bespoke products so if there is something we can bring to life for you, do get in touch.