Our Story

BeenBin is the brainchild of Susannah Lemon and her dismay at seeing useful things thrown away. Where others give no thought to something in the bin, she sees usable material and a design challenge. “Why buy a standard new thing when a unique one can be made created out of old stuff?” is Susannah’s approach to her work.

Living in a cycling household peeked Susannah’s interest in her current found material – rubber inner tubes. Punctures are an annoying feature of cycling and seeing lots of perfectly good rubber marked for landfill opened her eyes to its off-road potential through craft and design. This interest increased during her undergraduate degree in 3D Design at Bath Spa University where upcycling was central to her academic work. Her final year project was ‘Glowaround’, an LED table lamp largely made from old bicycle chains and other components.

When she’s not creating or skip-diving, Susannah spends her time cycling around around Bath and Bristol secretly hoping that she gets a puncture so she has more material to work with!

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